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The Middle East's leading forum for advancing peace and security

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MEPS Forum 2024

19–21. November. 2024


The Middle East Peace and Security Forum is a vital arena for addressing the most pressing challenges facing the Middle East.

Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

H.E. Latif Rashid

President, Federal Republic of Iraq

H.E Nechirvan Barzani

President, Kurdistan Region of Iraq


H.E. Masrour Barzani

Prime Minister, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

H.E. Qubad Talabani

Deputy Prime Minister, Kurdistan Region of Iraq


Rt. Hon Tony Blair

Former Prime Minister, United Kingdom

Rt. Hon Boris Johnson

Former Prime Minister, United Kingdom

Rt. Hon Nadhim Zahawi

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, United Kingdom


H.E. Rewaz Faeq

Speaker of the Parliament, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Col. Joel Rayburn

Former U.S. Special Envoy for Syria

Dr. Karen Young

Senior Fellow, Columbia University

Dr. Elham Fakhro

Associate Fellow, Chatham House


Dr. Linda Robinson

Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations


Dr. Dalia Dassa Kaye

Senior Fellow, UCLA

Dr. Vanda Felbab-Brown

Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution


Dr. Frederic Wehrey

Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment

Mr. Zach Vertin, Brookings Doha Center.jpg

Dr. Zach Vertin

Director of SIPA, Princeton University

Dr. Abdullah Baabood

Professor, Waseda University


Dr. Majid Jafar

CEO, Crescent Petroleum

Dr. Mona Yacoubian

Vice President, United States Institute of Peace


Dr. Hillary Wiesner

Director, Carnegie Corporation of New York

Taha Ozhan

Former Chairman, Turkey's Foreign Affairs Committee


Martin Chulov

The Guardian


Maryam Moshiri


Dr. Elisabeth Kendall

University of Cambridge


Dr. Howard Shatz

Senior Fellow, RAND Corporation

Dr Galip Dalay, Al Sharq Forum.jpg

Galip Dalay

Associate Fellow, Chatham House


Dr. Bernard Kouchner

Former Foreign Minister, France

matt zais.jpeg

Dr. Matthew Zais

Former Director, National Security Council


MEPS Forum is committed to fostering policies for a Stronger Kurdistan that works in partnership with Baghdad and the wider Middle East.

MEPS Forum works on the region's prospects for de-escalation, with a commitment to delivering rigorous research and analysis.

MEPS Forum brings together decision-makers, leaders of industry and experts to develop actionable policy recommendations.

Drawing on our global network, MEPS Forum has a long-standing focus on the future of the Middle East within the shifting international order.


The BBC's Maryam Moshiri In Conversation with Prime Minister Barzani


"We looked at cutting the government's expenditure as a fundamental part of the reform process. It will take some time until the results emerge but we have already started to see significant progress. Alongside this, we are diversifying our economy. Kurdistan is exporting agricultural goods to the Gulf and to Europe. This is unprecedented and has resulted in an increase in revenues from non-oil sectors. This is a transformational process, a revolutionary process that transforms Kurdistan into a position where it is no longer relying on oil revenues."


–– H.E. Prime Minister Barzani

​Since its establishment in 2019, MEPS Forum has become the most important annual forum in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, providing a space for candid discussions on the most pressing issues facing the Middle East and North Africa.

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Middle East Peace and Security Forum
American University of Kurdistan

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