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Kurdistan and Iraq's premier forum dedicated to peace and stability in the Middle East.


The American University of Kurdistan in Duhok

The American University of Kurdistan (AUK) has been a critical venue for official and non-official initiatives, intellectually rigorous debates and policy analysis designed to address a wide range political, economic and socio-economic challenges in Iraq and the Middle East. MEPS Forum draws on the convening capabilities, the intellectual resources and spirit of AUK scholars and students.

Middle East Peace and Security Forum

​Since its establishment in 2019, MEPS Forum has become the most important annual forum in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, providing a space for candid discussions on the most pressing issues facing the Middle East and North Africa.


Middle East Peace and Security Forum

MEPS Forum draws on the proximity of Duhok to ongoing efforts to alleviate crises in Iraq. MEPS Forum brings together leading experts and thinkers on the sidelines of the forum, and has partnered with the United States Institute of Peace, Oxford University, Carnegie Corporation, Crisis Response Council and Middle East Institute.

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